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Wednesday 18 November 2020, 10:30 AM • Rome


Atlante - Coronelli, Vincenzo Maria

[Veneto Atlas: Universal geographic course, or the earth divided into its parts and subdistinct in its great kingdoms], 1692


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€ 21.340

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Venice, at the author's expense, 1692. In 2 ° mm. 500 x 360. Frontispiece, dedicatory paper for Pope Innocent XIII, sheet with "Catalog of geographic maps" on the front, and "the index of the cities" on the reverse, fortresses [...]., Followed by 151 double-page copper plates , washed specimen, water gore on various boards, restorations, the final 14 papers with largely restored, binding of the century. XX as an amateur, with decorations embossed in gold on the plates and title to a compartment on the back, clasps, skinning.

Specialist Notes

The sample includes 151 plates from the famous work of Vincenzo Maria & nbsp; Coronelli & nbsp; (1650-1718). The maps were created on the basis of classical geography, known in the times of Ptolemy, Stabone and Mela. the Geographic Course, came out in different editions with different numbers of papers, which were also sold separately, at the rate of six papers a month for two years (in reality they were engraved between 1688 and 1692 in the highly equipped cartographic workshop of the Frari convent , where foreign engravers also worked). Among the most interesting plates are that of Coronelli's own globes and that of the zodiacal constellation system. & Nbsp;
The lot is sold as a collection of cards.

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