Vintage Toys

The Department of Vintage Toys is addressed both to attentive collectors looking for antique objects that bear witness to the technical and cultural evolution of the sector, and to sensitive and curious enthusiasts regarding a world, such as that of toys, that still today manages to transmit positive stimuli and suggestions not only because it recalls moments of joy, but also for the surprising brilliance of the inventions that it almost always reveals.

The Department appraises, collects and catalogues antique and collectible toys for sale at auction, and employs experts in the field of vintage toys who have in-depth knowledge of the historical production of toys and their maintenance and restoration, of the most popular brands that have made the history of the toy world such as the Italians INGAP, Bell, SFC and Movo, but also Schuco, Märklin, JNFTippcoJoustraPocher and Togi. Our experts are responsible for researching, authenticating objects, estimating their value and curating auctions that cater to a wide range of international toy collectors.

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