How to sell with us

If you wish to sell your items or entire collections with us, this is the procedure to follow.

Firstly, you need to request an auction estimate online and see if the item you wish to sell is appropriate for one of our auctions.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment with our experts at one of our offices in Milan or Rome.

The information our specialists need to provide an initial valuation is:

  • clear colour photographs of the front and back of the item, and a close-up of the manufacturer’s signature or brand;
  • details such as dimensions and materials;
  • any information on the history of the item, for example, where and how it was acquired;
  • electronic copies of expert’s opinions and literature related to the item, or certificates of authenticity, if available.

Our specialists will evaluate whether the property you wish to sell is suitable for our auctions. All the auction’s estimates are complementary.

If you decide to consign your property, we will prepare a contract, or Seller’s Agreement, that you will have to sign.

The agreement establishes:

  • the low and high estimates;
  • the reserve price – i.e. the value below which we will not sell your property;
  • the seller’s commission – i.e. the fee that you must pay to Finarte for the sale of the property.


Finarte will assist you in organising the shipment to send the item to the auctions’ venue, where the property will be photographed and catalogued.

The seller is responsible for packing, shipping and insurance costs.

After the sale, we will notify you of the auction’s results of the items you consigned. After 35 working days from the sale of your property – provided we received the buyer’s payment – you will receive the amount due to you.

If your property goes unsold, you may decide to withdraw the property, sell it at a later auction or sell it through our Private Sales Department. Our experts will recommend you the best line of action.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Important notices

  • We do not provide valuations or sales information for items that are not suitable for our auctions;
  • All estimates are provisional and subject to review after a live examination by one of our experts;
  • Photographs and other materials sent by post will not be returned;
  • Never send us items directly by post without first receiving advice from our experts
  • Response time varies from 2 to 6 weeks.