Oriental Art

The Oriental Art department handles goods from China, Japan and Southeast Asia such as porcelain, bronzes, jades, corals, wooden sculptures, fabrics, paintings and prints.

The new head of department, Andrea Cesati, comes to Finarte after a long experience at another Milan-based company where he quickly brought the department to its highest levels, winning the esteem and trust of buyers and sellers.

Assets from an important collection in northern Italy have already been selected for the next scheduled auction, which includes numerous Tibetan bronzes depicting deities, Chinese censers and porcelain, and wooden and bronze Thai sculptures of remarkable quality. This main core was acquired in the East by an ancestor of the present owner in the second half of the 19th century.

The Department is available to appraise individual works or entire collections for inclusion in the fall auction.

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Andrea Cesati

Head of Department

+39 02 3363801

Manfredi Rovella

Manfredi Rovella

Department Assistant

+39 02 3363801