Finarte’s department dedicated to fine-art photography aims at giving to this artistic segment its rightful place in the ever-expanding art market, both in Italy and internationally. Young collectors and investors have increasingly appreciated fine-art photographs, and today these are part of important private and museum collections.

Thanks to Finarte, the Italian collectors have the chance to appreciate auctions dedicated to fine prints of national and international, historical and contemporary authors. Moreover, the department is specializing and offering an ever more comprehensive vision of Italian photography.

Finarte is nowadays the principal point of reference in the Italian Photographs’ auctions sector, thanks to its team of expert leaders in professionalism and reliability.



Via Paolo Sarpi, 6 - milano

+39 02 33638026

Our Team

Roberto Mutti

Head of Department

Davide Battaglia


02 33638026

Marica Rossetti

Specialist - Rome office

06 87765626

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