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Wednesday 18 November 2020, 10:30 AM • Rome


Bentivoglio, Guido

Collection of letters written by Cardinal Bentivoglio in time of his nuntiatures of Flanders & France, 1631


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€ 512

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Reprinted in Cologne, 1631 [but probably published in Italy]. In 4th. Woodcut frieze on the frontispiece, a drop cap decorated in woodcut, blooms and reddening, body of the text partially detached from the spine, coeval parchment binding, plates framed by frame, in the center of the field a large noble coat of arms, gilded cuts, some stains. On the counterplate ex libris J. Manzoni and Diego Pignatelli di Cavaniglia.

Specialist Notes

Original edition, without typographical indications and with the fictitious wording '' reprinted '' (the edition was almost certainly printed in Italy). Important publication of the political-diplomatic correspondence of the famous religious and historian (Ferrara, 1579-Rome, 1644), secret waiter of Clement VIII, Cardinal since 1621.

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