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Finarte, a point of reference in the world of auctions for over 60 years, today intends to extend this sales method to the real estate sector by officially launching the property acquisition campaign in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan. The public auction as a way of selling or buying a property has long been well-established in the Anglo-Saxon countries, which has recently also been expanding in Italy and Finarte aims to become a point of reference in the sector.

Selling a property at auction with us means being able to give the right value to your property, concluding the transaction by a set date: we visit the property, we estimate it, we propose it to our customers and once at auction, its value will be determined in total transparency from bidders.

Finarte is supported by a prestigious notary firm that will follow the entire brokerage process, thus guaranteeing maximum assistance from the initial bureaucratic procedures up to the sale.

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