Antique Furniture

The Antique Furniture department caters to collectors and the enthusiasts of antiques, rare and valuable furniture, decorations, and objets d’art.

Within this department, our experts carefully select fine furniture from every era and style, from early Renaissance furniture to masterpieces of the Baroque and Rococo periods, sculpture, tapestry, and even 19th and 20th century creations. Antique furniture represents a unique cultural heritage, witnessing the art and skills of craftsmen who created masterpieces of elegance and formal balance, often embellished with decorations such as marquetry, marquetry, chiseling, and gilding.Buying antique furniture at an auction represents a unique opportunity for those who wish to enrich their cultural heritage and own an art object of great value and sophistication.

The Antique Furniture department also offers a wide range of services, from advising individuals, to furniture appraisals, to collection management to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and the preservation of valuable pieces.

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Andrea Cesati

Antiques & Old Masters Coordinator and
Head of Department

+39 02 3363801

Manfredi Rovella

Junior Specialist

+39 02 3363801

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