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Automotive: Finarte 2020 Selection + 1000 Finarte

from Wednesday 28 October 2020 a Friday 30 October 2020, 05:00 PM • Online


1977 Porsche 928

chassis no. 9288101064


€ 28.000 - 33.000


€ 20.965

The price includes buyer's premium


  • Preserved.
  • First series.
  • Low mileage.
  • Excellent overall condition.
  • Saottini Collection.

Certificates & statements
Porsche certificate of origin.
Italian registration and number plates.
Porsche Parade.
Porsche Festival.
Porsche club events.


The model
The 928 project was started in 1971 also considering a replacement for the 911 and was developed to cope with the energy crisis and new American safety regulations, since US were a very important market. The physical car made its debut in 1977. The 928 was greatly appreciated by the press of the time, winning the title car of the year for 1978 only one year after its debut on the market; to date it is the only Porsche to boast this title. Designed by Wolfgang Möbius, Ernst Fuhrmann and Anatole Lapine, it is a coupé with a sleek, modern line and a rear trunk which can be accessed, as in the 924, from the tailgate-rear window. The mechanical scheme adopted is the trans-axle one, with the engine at the front and the gearbox/differential group on the rear. For the engine, the choice falls to an aluminum unit, V-eight-cylinder 4474 cm³ with electronic injection, generating a maximum power of 240 hp at 5250 rpm. Four self-ventilated disc brakes, independent wheel suspension (with “Weissach axle” rear axle) and 5-speed manual gearbox. The interior, thanks to two comfortable seats, offers greater comfort than the 911, especially for taller drivers. The 928 series is a succession of evolutions with ever greater power, starting with the S version, presented in 1979, with a 4.7 liters 300 horsepower engine; thanks to electronic injection, which in 1983 rose to 310 hp and took the name of "S2" and the four-speed automatic transmission also made its debut. 1985 saw the introduction of four valves per cylinder, which brought the standard engine to 288 hp with a displacement of 5,000 cc, the power reaches 320 hp with the 1987 model, the so-called S4. The last version produced in 1992, the 928 GTS, has 350 hp, and closed the 928 series after 17 years of career and 61,000 units produced. Between 1988 and 1989, a lightened and racing version were made: the 928 club sport, of which only 17 were produced destined for the European market. For his 70th and 75th birthday, Ferry Porsche received two custom-made 928, the first in 1979 with an engine raised to 5,000 cc while in 1984 a 928 S with long wheelbase (32 cm more than the standard version).
The car
The Porsche 928 chassis no. 9288101064 from 1977 is part of the first 928 series, with only 106,300 km. It comes from the cars chosen for the Saottini Collection. The car is perfectly preserved both from the external point of view and as regards the interior, with the seats covered with the fabric with an "optical" design, characteristic of the time. The mechanical part is perfectly maintained. The car is in excellent general condition and has had four previous owners.
State of the art
Well preserved, excellent condition.

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