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968 coupè, 1993


€ 25.000 - 30.000

Lotto venduto

€ 22.129

I prezzi di vendita comprendono i diritti d'asta


chassis no.WPOZZZ96ZPS801069, engine no.42P03154
  • Preserved.
  • Unusual internal/external color combination: blue/blue.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Limited-slipdifferential.
  • Saottini Collection.

Certificate & Statements 
Porsche certificates of origin.
Italian registration and plates.
Porsche Parade.
Porsche Festival.
Porsche Club Event.


The model
The 968 model was foreseen as an evolution of the previous 944; the designation chosen was 944 S2, but halfway through the development of the car, Porsche decided on a new name: 968. With its launch in 1991, the 968 was the last of the Stuttgart-based cars with a liquid-cooled 4-cylinder engine. The bodywork of the 968 is renewed in terms of line with respect to the 944 and provides a foretaste of the future 993, especially in the front in the design of the headlights, which in the case of the 968 are retractable, the bumpers are made of deformable plastic, the rear lights are completely red and the "cup" side rear view mirrors are introduced with a teardrop design, which will be reproduced on the 911. The interior does not undergo any particular changes compared to the 944, except for switches and control knobs and numerous small items of equipment and updates to the details of the 944. The engine is a 3,000 cc variable phasing 240 hp engine with many components in common with the previous 944; from a technical point of view, the 968 introduces, for the first time on a Porsche, the variable adjustment of the "VarioCam" camshaft, and six-speed manual transmission. In 1993, the car received some notable changes, including the pollen filter for the air conditioner and the introduction of special packages. The reception of the car was not what Porsche expected, despite the fact that the 968 had excellent performance, robust mechanics and excellent fuel consumption; it was not a hit either for the press or the public, except for the cabriolet version, presented almost simultaneously with the coupe which, despite its lower performance, was more popular thanks to its elegant line, even if it was not enough to increase sales. Between 1993 and 1995, Porsche trying to revive the model offered the "clubsport", aimed at a purely sporting market: without air conditioning, equipped with a rear spoiler, 17" wheels, Recaro racing seats and cheaper than the 968. In 1993, the 968 Turbo S was created, which was only available to order and assembled directly by the Porsche customer racing department in Weissach. The 968 Turbo S had the same bodywork as the clubsport, but boasted a 309 hp supercharged engine; in total only 14 were produced and it is one of the rarest Porsches in the world. The 968 left the scene in 1995 and, with her, the production of the Porsche Transaxle was abandoned. Porsche will focus on developing a line of SUV, which with the first model of the range being the 2003 Cayenne.
The car
The Porsche 968, chassis no. WP0ZZZ96ZPS801069, was built in 1993, has had two owners and has travelled 128,442 km. It comes from the cars chosen for the Saottini Collection. The car is preserved, does not show any signs of discoloration or wear, the interior is original in an exquisitely preserved condition. The combination of colors with metallic night blue bodywork and blue interiors is very elegant, the interior is covered in leather and leatherette. The accessories that equip the car are the limited-slipdifferential and air conditioning.
State of the art
Preserved, in excellent condition.

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