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A2, 2000


€ 6.000 - 7.000

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chassis no. WAUZZZ8ZZ1N016377, engine no. AUA148907
  • Preserved.
  • Excellent condition.
  • This year qualifies as “historical”.
  • Small but classy.
  • Saottini Collection.

State of the art
Preserved, in very good condition.
Italian registration and license plates in order.
Youngtimer meetings.
Audi Club Events.


The model
After the positive results obtained by Audi with the flagship A8, constructed with an aluminum structure (ASF,1993), the German company decided to create a compact, light car that could travel long distances with little fuel. The A2 was born, which was launched at the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show, two years after the prototype. The absolute novelty of the small new Audi is its construction: a load-bearing frame called "ASF" (Audi Space Frame) to which the external aluminum panels are attached without structural function; the result is a very high rigidity and an extremely low weight: only 895 kg (45% less than a similar steel structure). The line of the American Derek Jenkins is unique, with high straight sides, relatively low roof in which the tail descends progressively ending with a whole hatch that incorporates the rear window. An interesting detail of the bodywork is the fake front grille that hides the water, oil, screen wash and access to the oil dipstick. The A2 is equipped with two alternative engines of the same power and very similar characteristics: the 75 hp 1.4 four-cylinder petrol engine and the 75 hp three-cylinder 1.4 TDI diesel. The decision, to offer two similar engines, is a marketing choice of the company, leaving the future owner free to decide on the exclusive basis of their expected use of the car. The interior offers four seats and a reasonable 390-liter boot. A further advantage of the car is the long list of accessories: rims, stereo systems, colors, sunroof, interiors with fabric of various qualities and colors in various combinations. Although the A2 had very interesting features for an average user, it was not a success; the cause was mainly a high list price, a design that was not liked by many and the direct competition, very important, of the Mercedes A-Class, launched in the same period. In the early 2000s, Audi sought to continue production which, however, had become increasingly expensive. The A2 exited the scene in 2005 after 175,547 units had been built.
The car
The Audi A2, chassis no.WAUZZZ8ZZ1N016377 is a model from 2000. It comes from the cars chosen for the Saottini Collection. It is perfectly preserved both from the external and internal point of view, black with beige fabric interiors. The mechanical part, with 200,000 km, is also in an excellent condition. The car is in perfect condition. As a 2000 model, it can be considered now a historic car, with all the benefits that follow. It is reasonable to expect a re-evaluation of the model, given its comparative rarity.

State of the art
Preserved, in very good condition.

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Condition report

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