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Automotive: Finarte 2020 Selection + 1000 Finarte

from Wednesday 28 October 2020 a Friday 30 October 2020, 05:00 PM • Online


1980 Porsche 911 SC 3.0

chassis no. WPO000091A0132352, engine no. 6302185


€ 45.000 - 55.000


€ 37.270

The price includes buyer's premium


  • Preserved.
  • Excellent overall condition.
  • All servicing by Porsche.
  • Interior in original leather/cloth with the typical “optical” design.
  • Saottini Collection.

Certificates & statements
Porsche certificate of origin. 
Italian Registration and number plates in order (Verona, 1989).
Giro di Sicilia.
Targa Florio.
Goodwood Revival.
Rallye Monte-Carlo Historic.
Le Mans Classic.
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti.
Winter Marathon.
Nürburgring Classic.
Eventi Porsche Club.


The model
The 911 presented at the end of the '70s precisely in 1978 with the name "SC", Super Carrera, aesthetically is little different from the previous 911 2.7 series except for the enlarged rear fenders. But the real novelty of the 911 SC is the bigger engine: a three-liter engine generating 180 hp. The 911 Turbo 3.3 is produced in parallel, the second version of the supercharged 911. In 1980 the 911 SC gained a further 16 hp compared to the 1979 model, reaching 204 hp of maximum power, the engine adopted the G catalyst, Lambda probe and a larger cooling fan, like that of the Turbo, the compression ratio increased from 8.6 to 9.8:1 making it necessary to use“super” gasoline and to renew the engine’s ignition and injection systems. Aesthetically, the SC, in addition to the black and no longer chrome frames introduced in 1979, stands out for the new shape of the indicators mounted on the mudguards and for the body colors. The interior features the central console under the dashboard and a new three-spoke leather steering wheel; a key-operated anti-theft device is installed on the driver's door, while electric windows are introduced to increase passenger comfort. Over the years, the SC series has not undergone significant changes and was developed in parallel with the Turbo 3.3. The cabriolet version derived from the Targa with fabric top and steel structure is presented at the 1982 Geneva Motor Show. In 1984 the entire 911 SC range will be replaced by the Carrera 3.2, with a 3164 cc Bosch Motronic injection engine with 231hp. A limited series of the 911 SC is produced: the so-called Jubilee, created to celebrate 50 years of the factory, produced in only 200 specimens, all in Meteor gray color with red leather / cloth interior.
The car
The Porsche 911 SC 3.0, chassis no. WP0000091A0132352 was built in 1980 with coupé bodywork, the marked kilometers are 157,400 Km. It comes from the cars chosen for the Saottini Collection. It is accompanied by the use and maintenance manual for the period and documentation on its servicing history, all performed at Porsche centers. It was re-registered with Verona (VR) plates in 1989. The bodywork shows no signs of discoloration or wear, the interiors are in original leather/cloth, with the typical "optical" design on the seats and are in an exquisitely preserved condition.
State of the art
Preserved, in excellent condition.

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