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Friday 25 October 2019 • Padua



Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Cabriolet (Porsche) , 1991

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€ 57.000 - 65.000

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chassis no WPOZZ967ZMS452888 engine no. 62M10120
  • Bodywork in exceptional condition
  • Always serviced by Porsche service centres. Low mileage.
  • Interiors in perfect condition.
  • Safe investment.

Certifications and Statements
Porsche constructors certificate
Original Italian registration and license plate in order.
Porsche Parade. Eligible
Porsche Festival. Eligible
All Porsche club events


The Model
Officially announced in November 1988, the new version of the Porsche 911 takes its name from the project, 964, and marks a revolution in the German company's models, in fact over 80% of the components were new. The model first saw the light in 1989 with a completely redesigned chassis: the 964 marks the end of the torsion bars (present on Porsche models since 1963) in favor of helical springs; the braking system, also revised with air cooled 298 mm (front) and 299 mm (rear) disc brakes derives from the 928 S4 and is equipped with Bosch ABS anti-lock system. Even the traditional 6-cylinder boxer engine, is completely renewed: the 3.6 liter M64/01 engine has an alloy block and twin-spark ignition, having a maximum power output of 250 hp at 6,100 rpm and a torque of 310 Nm at 4,800 rpm.The 5-speed G64/00 gearbox is also new, with the rear differential in the same block design and, in the Carrera 4 version, the bevel for front-end differential, both electronically controlled. Another feature of the 964 is it's four-wheel drive which features the possibility of setting the differentials manually so as to increase traction, allowing the car to move itself in situations of poor grip (but the automatic system takes over at speeds in excess of 40 km/h). On the snow the 964 Carrera 4 is recognized by many enthusiasts as among the best, able to cope with conditions which would be impossible for most sports cars of this category. Externally, the 964 presents a new design of the front and rear bumpers, effectively plastic shields. On the rear bonnet, a small electrically operated spoiler is installed, while between the rear lights remains the, now traditional, reflective red connecting strip with the Porsche logo.The Cabriolet version of the new Porsche 911 debuted in 1990, in the so-called L program, always within the framework of the 964 project. The open top version, available in both Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 versions, debuted on the market together with the more "conservative" Targa version. The convertible version has a foldable fabric hood with automated control and a plastic rear window. In the same year, Porsche launched the new Tiptronic 4-speed automatic transmission, available only on the Carrera 2. The Porsche 964 remained in production until 1994 with slight modifications to the line and upgrades in equipment, such as the addition of airbags, in 1991.The 964 Carrera 4 is the “non plus ultra” of the Porsche 911 as a car that can be used in all weather and road conditions: the air conditioning, sunroof and the airflow deflector allows you to fully enjoy the Cabriolet on summer days, without being buffeted by the wind nor becoming excessively hot as happens with other historic cars. In winter, equipped with appropriate snow tires, its formidable all-wheel drive ensures safe performance even on snow allowing it to face, without particular problems, tortuous roads in demanding conditions. And, if the Porsche 911 is “the” sports car for long, smooth runs, the Carrera 4 version with its four wheel drive eliminates the stress of driving a rear wheel drive car in the wet.
The car
The Porsche 911 chassis no. WPOZZ967ZMS452888, was built in 1991 as part of the first series of the 911 type 964. The car is equipped with a user and maintenance manual of the period, and has passed the famous "111 checks": 111 tests carried out by the parent company to check the status of the car and is complete with extensive documentation on the servicing of the car carried out from 1991 until today, all made at Porsche centers. The 28-year-old paint shows no sign of discoloration or wear, the original leather interiors are preserved in mint condition. The fabric soft top, a feature of the 964, makes opening and closing the roof very easy, the fabric covering is in perfect condition, without tears or discoloration. The wheels are the original series of the 964 with a tire size that has become common and reasonably priced. The 964 series has recently "completed" 30 years and therefore, in Italy, enjoys all the tax breaks for vintage cars, including exemption from road tax.
State of the Art 
Well conserved, in excellent condition.


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Condition report

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