Finarte acquires Czerny’s

A merge aiming to expand the auction house’s offer on the international market through the acquisition of one of the most important realities in Europe in the Antique Arms and Militaria field.

We are proud to inform you that Finarte and Czerny’s have consolidated a partnership that began a year ago through the acquisition of the Sarzana-based auction house, one of the most important realities in Europe in the Antique Arms and Militaria field.

A new significant acquisition for Finarte, after Minerva in 2017: the aim of our auction house is to expand and widen our offer approaching the needs of an increasingly connected, aware and international public.

Finarte, driven by the ambition to regain its historical leadership among Italian auction houses, has been able to maintain a very high growth rate since its renewal. Czerny’s entry into the Group consolidates this path and lays the foundations for a new development. We must look at the internationalization of our offer. Czerny’s is a real example of it – an excellence that we respect and want to protect and cultivate. This is the reason why Czerny’s will continue to work uninterruptedlyand autonomously. We do not underestimate the synergies between the two companies, in fact, the strategic goal of this union is the adoption of each other’s ‘best practices’.

Vincenzo Santelia
Finarte’s CEO

Since 1999, Czerny’s has been a benchmark for experts and collectors of Antique Arms, a niche that includes edged weapons and firearms, armour, helmets, documents and militaria. It is a unique reality in Italy, with a large public of loyal customers throughout Europe and all over the World. The auction house joins Finarte Group with optimism and confidence in expanding its business.

Micheal Czerny, CEO and founder, says:

We are very thrilled to inform all our clients and collaborators that Czerny’s joins the prestigious Finarte Group, a unique and rapidly-expanding reality both in the Italian and European market. Our loyal collectors will find the same devotion, passion and professionalism that has always distinguished Czerny’s also in all Finarte’s departments, and we will gladly assist and advise our clients in presenting their important lots or collections to the new departments.”

Czerny’s International Auction House will remain in its historic headquarters in Sarzana, a medieval town in the heart of Lunigiana; the staff will work closely with Finarte’s team, and will continue to operate and be available in Sarzana for those people who have relied on Czerny’s to sell or buy over the years. The purpose of this acquisition is to be always closer to the clients’ needs, in terms both of offerings and logistics: Sarzana, together with Milan and Rome, will become Finarte’s third institutional location, where collectors can bring their possessions for free and private estimations.

The forthcoming auctions will be in December, in Sarzana premises.

Thursday, December 15th: Antique Arms of the Malay Archipelago
Friday, December 16th: Important Antique Arms from all over the World

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