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CARLA ACCARDI, Senza titolo (dettaglio), 1979

A vibrant catalogue that features renowned Italian and international masters and many perks

On April 27th at 5.00 pm, the Multiples and Prints auction will take place online. It is possible to participate through written and telephone bids by filling up the form and sending it to or directly to the WhatsApp number 349 9117695. Participation is also possible online from our platform: www.finarte.itYou can bid online also on some partner sites: Invaluable, Ars Value, Bidsquare and Bidspirit.

The catalogue is vibrant and features top names of the Italian and international art scene and many perks.

Among the lots of the Italian masters, a shaped canvas painted in white PVC by Enrico Castellani, lot 24, dated 1968 and accompanied by a photographic volume with a text written by Vincenzo Agnetti and images by Giorgio Colombo, edited by Achille Mauri (estimate € 1,500 – 2,000).

ENRICO CASTELLANI, <em>Estroflessione</em>, 1968 | Stima € 1.500 - 2.000

ENRICO CASTELLANI, Estroflessione, 1968, € 1.500 – 2.000

The catalogue also features a series of works by Mario Ceroli, an artist known for his participation in the Arte Povera movement. At lot 27, we find Profili, a zinc matrix dated 1975, six superimposed profiles giving life to a sculpture uniquely animated (estimate € 500-700).

The two subsequent lots are also quite fascinating, even if notably different from one another. We find Homage to Leonardo da Vinci by Sandro Chia (lot 28, estimate € 1,000-1,500), one of the most eminent artists in the Transavanguadria art movement. It follows Senza Titolo, 1972, by Giuseppe Chiari – composer and visual poet. The lot comprises seven musical-themed photolithographs including There is no more beautiful music than what I am listening to now (lot 29, estimate € 200-400).

A lot composed of multiple works is also number 44, ten lithographs by Giorgio De Chirico, an iconographic summa of the artistic work Roman master (€ 6,000-8,000).

Lots 64 and 65 are two artworks by Lucio Fontana. The first one is a Spatial Concept dated 1956, an etching in which the idea of the cuts spouses the notion of motherhood and nature ( estimate € 800-1,000). The second is an artist edition in pink PVC, reproduction of the gesture of the brilliant cuts, accompanied by a publication with photographs by Ugo Mulas, edited by Achille Mauri (estimate € 3,000-4,000).

The subject of lot 82 by Emilio Isgrò is Cricket. In this workthe words – the artist’s natural raw material – sapiently mix with stones on a silk-screen printing of delicate tones (estimate € 150-200).

A sound sculptor cannot exempt himself from being an excellent draughtsman. And this concept can be fully grasped with Personnages du Sacre Printemps’ folder, eight lithographs by Marino Marini. The artist expertly analyzes the figure of the horse and the rider, destructuring it in a sort of drawn collage (estimate € 3,000-5,000).

From lot 119 to 123 it is possible to appreciate a sequence of beautiful engravings with different subjects by Mimmo Paladino, perhaps the best-known artists of the Transavanguardia and a fond user of the engraving technique.

Mario Schifano features in the catalogue with five lots. The most interesting is lot 155 a folder with each letter of artist’s surname written in the centre of each of the sheets (estimate € 2,000-3,000) and Finestra, a work of substantial scale (serigraphy on canvas, estimate € 600-800).

Among the other Italians featured in the catalogue, we find artists of the calibre of Carla Accardi, Enrico Baj ,Giuseppe CapogrossiPiero Guccione, Achille Perilli and Emilio Vedova but also masters of the world of illustrations such as Leo Lionni  and Tullio Pericoli.

The auction also presents lots by influential international artists.

At lot 15, you can find rare triptych, dated 1972, by Joseph BeuysAlla Modern Art Agency, three screenprints depicting the German artist engaged in one of his legendary performances (estimate € 200-300).

Beuys returns at lot 194 in a double portrait of Mimmo Jodice, with Andy Warhol, a rare poster from 1980, with an estimate of € 400-600. Among the most influential artists, the best-known representative of Pop Art – Andy Warhol – at lot 193, Ladies and Gentleman TAV.5, a female portrait in perfect pop-style, offered at € 3,000-4,000.

From pop to graffiti, the step is short. Take a look for example at lot 77 by Keith HaringLuna Luna Karussel, a poetic extravagance, a Pop up in 3D, dated 1986, with an estimate of € 800-1.000.

Among the three-dimensional multiples the bronze sculpture by the Spanish surrealist Salvador DalìVenus Spatiale, a reinterpretation of the Greek and Roman Venuses with an egg and a liquid clock attached (estimate € 2,500-3,000) and Compass one of the mythical, different surreal, compositions by Man Ray. In this work by the American artist, a magnet is holding a gun (lot 137, estimate € 3,000-5,000).

Two hundred and four lots that represent two hundred and four possibilities to enrich your homes with a news entry at a small price.

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