Fine Wines and Spirits Department selects vintage and prestigious bottles

The auction will take place in Milan at the end of the semester and the focus will be on prestigious national and international wineries.

As part of its expansion project, Finarte is launching the Fine Wines and Spirits Department, on the wave of the increasing interest in this sector.

The Department’s search is focusing on vintage bottles – as there are few on the market – and those that have been awarded the main industry prizes. These selections’ criteria are a guarantee of quality and progressive increase in the bottle’s value, as they become alternative forms of investment.

Wine auctions are among the main events of the wines and spirits’ world, characterized by high culture and traditions, and by many passionate fans. Italy has always played a leading role in the production of great wines all over the world and is increasing the overall level of competition in the most important hubs for wine auctions like New York, London and Hong Kong, in terms of lots presented and auctions’ results.

Among the collectables, the Wine & Spirits category combines good taste, pleasure and passion.

The auction is going to take place in Milan at the end of the fall semester and will feature prestigious national and international wine’s collections. Among the highlights of the leading Wine auctions’ sales, we count on one hand the famous Chateau of Bordeaux, the Domains of Burgundy and the prestigious Champagne of French production, and on the other hand the classic Supertuscans such as Sassicaia, Masseto, Solaia, Ornellaia, Barolo, Barbaresco and Amarone of Italian origins.  The upcoming auction that will indeed be of great interest to collectors is going to feature also the products of Italian wineries, destined to open new frontiers in the world of fine wines.

The Department is led by Guido Groppi who, as an expert, selects and estimates prestigious bottles to be sold in the upcoming auction, aimed at experienced collectors and new enthusiasts.
Phone: +39 02 3363801

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