Luca Pacioli and the Renaissance Summa of knowledge

Il libro si propose di raccogliere in una forma nuova il pensiero matematico, geometrico e algebrico di secoli.

Il video della Summa di Luca Pacioli

In 1494 Friar Luca Pacioli published a work destined to mark the history of the mathematical sciences and beyond. The Summa proposes to collect the mathematical, geometric and algebraic thought of centuries, in a new form: the various Treaties alternate rigorous scientific demonstrations with practical examples, among which the first modern treatment of the double bookkeeping entry.

The adoption of the vernacular with respect to Latin, a revolutionary choice for the time, will allow an unimaginable diffusion, well beyond national borders. Translated into all known languages, for centuries it will represent the reference text for the scientific and commercial world.

A true Renaissance Summa of knowledge, on which even the great Leonardo da Vinci (Pacioli’s friend) will form his brilliant mathematical thought.