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Padua, Friday 25 October 2019


1974 Porsche Porsche 911 2.7 S (Porsche)

chassis no. 9114300985

  • Porsche iconic model.
  • High level restoration.
  • Safe investment


€ 65.000 - 75.000

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The model

In 1973, the new US standards on safety and pollution forced Porsche technicians to revise the 911. The so-called "G series," with a displacement increased to 2687 cc for all the versions, began to be produced in September 1973. The new 911 marks a new Porsche era, modifying a ten years unchanged design, from the debut of the first 911, signed by Ferdinand Alexander "Butzi" Porsche, son of Ferry. On the 2.7 new front and rear bumpers are introduced, which change the lines of the car. They are fitted with special shock-absorbing tubes and have elastic black rubber side bellows. The new range, available in coupe and license plate versions, included the 911 (150 hp), the 911 S (177 hp) and the 911 Carrera (210 hp). The latter, to emphasize its sporting vocation, boasted the name "Carrera" in homage to the Carrera Panamericana and maintained the bodywork of the other 911s, while the engine was the same as the Carrera RS of the previous series (so-called "pre-bumper"). The 911 Carrera 2.7 was sold only on the European market and in South Africa, not in the United States. Anti-pollution devices had reduced power. The 2.7 and S versions are equipped with the K-Jetronic mechanical injection, tested on the 911 T models for the USA, the Carrera 2.7 is fitted with the Bosch mechanical injection. As for the transmission, the G-series comes as standard with the 4-speed gearbox (Type 915/16) or, as an option, the 5-speed gearbox (Type 915/06); on the 911 2.7 and the S is available the Sportmatic automatic transmission type 925/02. In the interior new seats are introduced with incorporated headrests and a new padded steering wheel, slightly smaller on the Carrera 2.7. In all models, the steering is equipped with a collapsible energy absorption system. The well-known "ducktail" spoiler introduced on the Carrera RS is available until 1974 only on the Carrera 2.7, while for all models there is a front spoiler. The 2.7 series is produced until 1977. During the years, small modifications are made to improve comfort, such as in the heating system, renewed in 1975, otherwise the 911 2.7 have remained practically unchanged, except for a more powerful engine on version 911 2.7: in 1976 it will adopt a 165 hp engine. The 2.7 are the first Porsche to have the hot-galvanized bodywork (since 1976), a procedure that makes it virtually immune to corrosion, allowing a 6-year warranty. A curiosity: a 911 2.7 was the 250,000th Porsche produced. The 2.7 will be replaced by the Carrera 3.0, already in production in 1976.

The car

The Porsche 911 S 2.7, chassis no. 9114300985 is one of the 5,000 specimens S 2.7, painted in white Grand Prix is ​​equipped with the 16 mm diameter stabilizer bar and is fitted with new brake calipers with the aim to reduce the unsuspended masses. A further arrangement on weights has been made on rear suspensions made of light alloy. To make driving easier, in this 911 series, a traction spring has been applied which acts on the clutch pedal and the pedal lever has been lengthened; in this way, the gears are easy to engage and the clutch is softer. The comfort level is exceptional, the soft seats with headrests introduced on the 1974 model make every journey a pleasure, the distance between the pedals and the driver's seat also allows taller drivers to find a right driving position. The offered car was owned by a Porsche center, which did an exceptional job on the whole engine; the bodywork as the interiors were restored with the correct colors and components, the chassis underwent a thorough inspection at the Porsche center of Verona, the car is equipped with numerous invoices for the works carried out. The leatherette upholstery has recently been restored and has neither cracks nor signs of wear. The car conditions are outstanding, the car is practically as brand-new, with a shining paint and an interior ready to welcome the driver. The car set up is completed by the original 15" aluminum alloy wheels, produced by ATS. Special parts and original spare parts for a Porsche 911 are never a problem, also thanks to the company's Porsche Classic program and, as in every Porsche, mechanics, if constantly checked by a brand specialist, is of absolute reliability and encourages an almost daily use. Nor long journeys are frightening; maybe to get on the track, as once upon a time.

State of art

Restored. In excellent condition.


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Certificates and Documents

Porsche Certificate of Origin.


Registration and Italian plates, in order.


  • Tour of Sicily. Eligible.
  • Targa Florio. Eligible.
  • Goodwood Revival. Eligible.
  • Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. Eligible
  • Golden Cup of the Dolomites. Eligible.
  • Winter Marathon. Eligible.
  • Nürburgring Classic. Eligible.
  • Porsche Festival. Eligible.
  • All Porsche club events



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