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The art of Reproducing Codexes

Friday 07 October 2022, 04:00 PM • Milan


Leonardo da Vinci

The Arundel Code 263 in the British Museum - The Forster I code in the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1923-1930


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Rome, Danesi publisher, 1923. 4 vols. 389 x 270 mm. Traces of humidity on the edge of the first cards, copy in beards, half leather and cardboard binding. Ex libris by Egisto Amore. - The Forster Codex. Rome, Danesi, 1930. 5 vols. 272 x 190 mm. Half leather and cardboard binding. Ex libris by Egisto Amore, and bookplate of the Rappaport bookshop in Rome. Together in the lot the reproduction of Codex B (2173) in the Institute of France, Rome, State Library, 1941.

Specialist Notes

I title: facsimile reproduction of the Codex Arundel which contains 283 sheets including drawings and writings by Leonardo da Vinci datable between 1478 and 1518 and currently kept in the British Library in London.
II work: facsimile of the Forster I codex, dated 1505 and the first part of the three Leonardo codices preserved at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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