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The art of Reproducing Codexes

Friday 07 October 2022, 04:00 PM • Milan


Le Plan de Paris par Truschet et Hoyau, 1980


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€ 384

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Zurich, Editions Seefeld, 1980. Two sheets reproducing the original size of 136 x 100 cm, impression in 9 colors on two sheets of 70 x 100 cm respectively, matching, drawn on special paper of 180 gr. Attached is a scientific study by Jean Dérens, with an introduction by Jacques Chirac (mayor of Paris at the time) and a preface by Michel Fleury. 90 pages in 270 x 340 mm format. with 132 black illustrations and a color planche, hardcover binding. Edition of 900 copies of which only 500 copies are on the market

Specialist Notes

Facsimile edition of the rare map of Paris by Truschet and Hoyau, called "Plan de Bale" (AA 124), preserved in the Public Library of the University of Basel. Montorgueil in Paris, the designer Olivier Truschet and the engraver Germain Hoyau, who had joined forces to produce large-format images for hanging. A largely unpublished representation of Paris, with architectural and urban elements currently no longer present, and therefore UNIQUE testimony of Renaissance Paris.

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