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Thursday 16 July 2020, 04:30 PM • Rome


Riviste d’architettura - Spazio Rassegna Mensile delle Arti e dell’Architettura diretta dall’architetto Luigi Moretti

Space - nn. 1 - 7 [all published] Rome - Milan (nn. 1-2) / Rome - Milan - Paris (nn. 3-7), Felicia Abruzzese (n. 1) - Gruppo Editoriale Spazio (nn. 2-7) , [print: Enzo Barigazzi Typography - Milan (nn. 1-3) - Tip. A. Lucini & C. (nn. 4-7)], July 1950 - December 1952 / January 1953, 7 issues 33x25.5 cm.


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Specialist Notes

“Italian television is now, and finally, out of diatribes and experimentation, entered the field of concreteness: the stations of Turin and Milan transmit daily, regularly, clearly; and it seems that as soon as possible the connection with Rome will grant another vast area of the national territory this very modern performance ... For the Italians, for a people that has a high visual education, which has a heritage of plastic arts unique to the world, television should have a big weight or rather it should add to its exceptional importance let's say so natural, that is to translate the news from one space to another, The great merit of spreading our "habitat" rich in visual spaces, before to the Italians themselves and then to the world ... You can do with television the most beautiful and most lively battle for art imaginable today. " (Luigi Moretti, p. 74).

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