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Thursday 16 July 2020, 04:30 PM • Rome


Opera su carta (Bauhaus) - Neidenberger Georg A.

Untitled (ca. 1932), 42.5x58 cm., Tempera on paper, signed "Nei" by Georg. A. Neidenberger, student at the Bauhaus, built under the supervision of Prof. Wolf Mamlock.


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€ 1.920

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In the foreground there is a functionalist-style Red Cross clinic, with typically Bauhaus-designed chairs and an official / mannequin. On the left side an enigmatic figure stands out while, coming out of the bruised background where a fortress seems to stand, an enormous hand hangs on the scene. The work comes from the archive of the architect Hubert Hoffmann (Berlin 1904 - Graz 1999), also a student at the Bauhaus, and subsequently a very active organizer and collaborator of various exhibitions starting from the famous "22 berliner bauhäusler stellen aus" (1950) . This collage is part of the works that Hoffmann collected and preserved for the various exhibitions on the Bauhaus.

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