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Caterina II di Russia,

Parchment diploma granted by Catherine II of Russia, 1778


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Painted parchment

Imperial diploma of hereditary nobility, awarded to the Zimmerman family and its descendants by Tsarina Catherine II, through the granting of the coat of arms and seal.
Parchment document composed of 5 sheets for a total of 10 pages, 420 x 295 mm. The text is framed in a phytomorphic frame, intersected by cameos: the one in the top center bears the tsarina's initials, EA (Ekaterina Alekseevna), all the others, however, images of battles (probably referring to the battles in which the Zimmerman brothers, who served in the Russian army under Catherine II), on the first card stands the portrait of Catherine within an oval overlooking Saint George and the dragon, all above the black double-headed eagle symbol of Russia, on the recto of the fourth sheet the heraldic coat of arms granted to the Zimmerman family, signed on the last sheet by Catherine II (Ekaterina) and signed by the vice chancellor; it also contains the description of the coat of arms: a shield carved into six parts, three golden and three blue, crowned by a helmet with a leopard's head on top from which three ostrich feathers emerge. Green silk sheets to protect every single page, binding covered with silk threads, very damaged, large wax seal 120 mm in diameter perfectly preserved in a metal case. All collected in a fine green leather box.

Specialist Notes

The members of the Zimmerman family mentioned in the diploma are: Fedor, serving in the Russian army since 1759, second major in 1771; Wilhelm in service from 1756, promoted from captain to chief of supplies in 1772; Gustav, promoted ensign in 1773; Georgij Friedrich appointed to the civil service in 1774, and translator of the office of the governor general of Livonia in 1760, finally Gottlieb and Hermann, the minor brothers.
The diploma is attested in the first part of the General Armorial of the noble families of All-Russian Empire (Общий гербовник дворянских родов Российской империи), release date 09.13.1778.

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