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Tuesday 30 March 2021, 03:00 PM • Rome


Alchimia - Quattrami, Evangelista

The true declaration of all the metaphors, similes, & enigmas of the ancient alchemist philosophers, both Chaldean & Arab, as well as Greek & Latin, compared by them in the description, & composition of drinking gold, eliminating life, fifth essence, & philosophical pencil., 1587


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Rome, Vincenzo Accolti, 1587. In 4 °. & Nbsp; Coat of arms of Luigi d'Este on the frontispiece, initials and woodcut friezes, restored gap in the lower margin of the frontispiece, first four leaves partially detached, light browning, slight blooms, light gore d water on the first and last cards, reinforcement on the inner margin of 2I1, contemporary parchment binding, partially detached from the body of the book, defects.

Specialist Notes

First edition of this treatise against the false and deceptive alchemy of contemporaries, distinguishing it from the true one which is not practiced for the purpose of obtaining easy earnings and involves assiduous and demanding studies. & Nbsp; Evangelista Quattrami (1527-1608) botanical naturalist had entered the Order of the Hermits of St. Augustine. After earning his doctorate in theology, he devoted himself to the research and study of medicinal herbs with numerous naturalistic excursions in various Italian regions. In his activity as a simplist and distiller he was in the service of Cardinal Luigi d'Este. He also became passionate about the study of medicine and alchemy and published a treatise on the preservation and treatment of the plague.

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