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Thursday 24 June 2021 e Friday 25 June 2021, 03:00 PM • Rome


Ariosto, Ludovico

Orlando Furioso […] translation into romance castle by the S. Don Hieronimo de Urrea, 1556


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Lyons, Macé Bonhomme, 1556. In 4th. Text in two columns, portrait of Jeronimo de Urrea at c. α3v. woodcut illustrations and ornate initials, restoration of the title page and the last leaves, light browning, some sporadic stains and redness, slight halo at the outer margin of some cards, the last issues are missing (from β7- & nbsp; ε⁸, ζ²), coeval binding in parchment with author and title imprinted in gold within a gusset on the spine with 3 nerves, slight defects. & nbsp;

Specialist Notes

Beautiful edition in Spanish printed in Lyon with the woodcut portrait of the translator & nbsp; Jeronimo de Urrea within a medallion.

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