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African Art / Works from the Swiss collection of Walter Schwab

Wednesday 13 October 2021, 05:00 PM • Milan


BENGE, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa), region of the Uele River.


€ 400 - 600


€ 896

The price includes buyer's premium


h 75 cm
Parade sabre.
Forged iron blade with patterns engraved on the front. Wood handle wrapped in spirals of rope and iron twin lead. An attachment in the shape of a half-moon on the lower part of the blade was used to fasten it with a leather lace, enabling the user to keep the weapon at their wrist.


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The Benge, also known as Mobenge in the past, live in an area between 23° and 24° latitude, marked by the Uele River to the north and the Likati River to the south. Their culture was influenced by neighbouring groups, such as the Ngbandi, Zande, Boa and Ababoa.

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