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1935 Fiat 508 Balilla (Fiat)

Chassis no. 073552 - Engine no. 074648

  • Eligible for the Mille Miglia and for the main re-enactment events.
  • As a pre-war vehicle, it has the benefit of positioning early in the starting order.·
  • Well preserved car, sound. In working order.
  • 1950 black Italian number plate

Certifications and Statements

Registration and Italian license plates in order.

EligibilityMille Miglia. Eligible. As a prewar, has the plus of positioning early on the starting line.
Giro di Sicilia. Eligible.
Targa Florio. Eligible.
Goodwood Revival. Eligible
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti. Eligible.
Vernasca Silver Flag. Eligible.
California Mille: Eligible.
Nürburgring Classic. Eligible.
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Eligible.Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Eligible.
Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille. Eligible.Concorso d’eleganza Villa D’Este. Eligible.


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The model

1929, a year that changed all the rules. In a word: crisis. From the big economy to the common man, things, ideas, projects had to be downsized. It was in this scenario, in 1932, that the Fiat 508 was born, a FIAT radically downsized from previous Fiat models. Nothing revolutionary but practical and pleasant if not exciting. The official nickname "Balilla" was a term widely used as "propaganda", a symbol of youth, self-sufficiency and courage, and was familiar to most Italians. The original Balilla project was developed by a group of famous motoring figures from those years: Tranquillo Zerbi, Antonio Fessia, Bartolomeo Nebbia and Dante Giacosa who designed a car with good performance, but relatively low cost. The Balilla had an enormous success, thanks to its low price and the easy maintenance of its 4-cylinder 995 cc engine with a 3-speed gearbox. The FIAT 508 "Balilla" was produced in a huge number of versions and saw many changes from its debut in 1932 to 1939 when it was replaced by the "FIAT Nuova Balilla 1100 -508C " which was an evolution of the last version. The Balilla is perhaps the car that established FIAT as one of the best manufacturers of popular cars in the world. It was marketed as a 2-door sedan and as a spider. Later, a torpedo, commercial and military models were added and, from 1933, the sports versions: cars for the new generation to dream about. To list the number and variations of the Balilla, normal and sports versions that ran the Mille Miglia would require a chapter of its own.

The car

The Fiat 508 Balilla, chassis no. 073552, is a fine example from 1935. The vehicle is in good condition: its details and the signs of wear on the paintwork do nothing but increase the charm and sense of time passing. The colour, amaranth with black fenders is typical of the era. The redone interiors are complete and show some traces of humidity. The car, despite its unrestored appearance, is sound and complete. On the roof is mounted a period luggage rack, rare today, but very common at the time. The car is mechanically in order and working. The car comes complete with the original booklet and the beautiful black Italian number plates CN 22444, which date to 1950. Left in its current condition, it can be enjoyed as a rare historical testimony, with some work it could participate in re-evocation competitions or it can be restored, starting from an excellent base, returning it to its original splendour.

State of the Art: Conserved vehicle, sound and in working order.


  • Dante Giacosa, I miei 40 anni di progettazione alla Fiat, Centro Storico Fiat, Torino 2014.
  • Antonio Amadelli, Fiat 508 Balilla, Giorgio Nada, Milano 1992.



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