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Brescia, Monday 13 May 2019


1952 Lancia Aurelia B21 (Lancia)

Chassis no. B21-33317 - Engine no. 3713

  • Eligible to the Mille Miglia and main re-enactment events
  • Preserved car
  • Quick and spacious
  • For a long time owned by the Schön family

Certifications and Statements

Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated.

EligibilityMille Miglia. Eligible. 
Giro di Sicilia. Eligible.
Targa Florio. Eligible. 
Goodwood Revival. Eligible.Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. Eligible.
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti. Eligible.
Vernasca Silver Flag. Eligible.
California Mille: Eligible.
Nürburgring Classic. Eligible.
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Eligible.Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Eligible.
Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille. Eligible.Concorso d’eleganza Villa D’Este. Eligible.

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The Model

The first Lancia car of the post-war period, the revolutionary Aurelia designed by Vittorio Jano appeared in 1950. At the Salone di Torino, inaugurated on May 4, 1950, was exhibited the first of all the Aurelia cars, the B10 sedan, featuring a harmoniously rounded line. It boasted a series of revolutionary innovations on the technical level. To mention a few: the first V-6 engine with a V of 60° as standard 1.8 litres, developed by Francesco de Virgilio, the monocoque with independent four-wheel suspension, the new gearbox/differential unit mounted in a transaxle layout, and inboard rear brakes. The bodywork was partly made of aluminium with the windshield and rear window in curved glass. In the Aurelia, especially in this first B10 version, the qualities of comfort, luxury and ride flexibility were favoured. A year later, in the spring of 1951, arrived an engine with a displacement of 2 litres, mounted on the new B20 coupe and, as an alternative to the 1.8 litres, on the sedan that takes the name of B21. The range of the "first series" Aurelia expanded further at the beginning of autumn 1952 when appeared a new lengthened limousine with 6-7 seats, the B15. The Aurelia B20 and B21 obtained - in 1951 and early 1952 - remarkable sporting successes that were, however, severely hindered by the looming rival Alfa Romeo 1900. The Aurelia B21 was a sober, elegant, almost luxurious car with notable performances. As a curiosity and to understand the spirit of the car: in this first series of Aurelia the proportion of cars required with the right-hand drive is nine to one compared to those with left-hand drive. A slightly snobby and somewhat sporting spirit unquestionably prevailed over mere practicality.

The car 

The Schön family has long owned the 1952 Lancia Aurelia B21, chassis no. B21-3317. Mila Schön (born Nutrizio) moved to Milan in the second post-war period with her husband, Aurelio Schön, a racing driver at the 1953 to 1956 Mille Miglia and among the founders of the Sant’Ambroeus team. In 1958, Mila opened her first atelier and then entered the world of high fashion. In the 1970s she began to create pret-a-porter creations. Even today the brand is a reference for sober and elegant fashion. Giorgio Schön has managed the family business for many years. He dedicated all his extra time to racing and collecting historical cars. He raced with many cars, among which the Lancia Delta S4, and now he has an outstanding car collection. Owner of the Zagato brand, from 1994 to 2001, in recent years he has mainly dedicated himself to Rossocorsa, the largest Ferrari and Maserati concessionaire in Europe. The 1952 Lancia Aurelia B21, chassis no. B21-3317 was the perfect classic car in line with the Schön family’s style. It is nowadays a perfect example of a preserved car, in excellent aesthetic and functioning conditions. It is still presented with a good coating, flat but complete chrome trims, worn but complete interiors and several period details, such as the Condor radio, the new front headlights and rear fog light. There is also a rare old sticker of the Club delle Mille Miglia. The car still has the original Italian black plates (NO217627).


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