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Milan, Wednesday 14 October 2020


Baulé, central region (Ivory Coast)

Wood with a thick, black coating, reel of indigenous origin
H 24 cm
Pulley for weaving.
Here the Baulé style is evident in the face: a model of a miniature mask.


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- Former private collection (Lugano);


- LOUDMER GUY “Poulies de métier a tisser sculptures ivoiriennes” Paris, Nouveau Drouot, auction on 2nd July 1987;
- VOGEL SUSAN M. “L’art Baoulé du visible et de l’invisible” Paris 1999, pag. 274;

In West Africa, weaving is very advanced. This tradition dates back to distant times. The Guro, Senufo, Dogon and Bambara groups, to name but a few, also practise it. The weaver, with traditional methods, uses these pulleys as they work cotton thread. The pulleys, attached to the loom, guide the chain of threads that hold up the clamps as they move up and down on the warp. On pulleys that have been used for a long time, like this one, one can observe the wear and tear in the reel, caused by the wire passing through, as well as the marks that its rotation has left on the internal edges of the pulley.


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