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Milan, Wednesday 14 October 2020


Baulé, region of Bouaké (Ivory Coast)

Wood with a dark coating, glass beads;
H 34 cm
Female figure.
Its broad forehead leads to a crown-shaped hairstyle. Its small legs denote the importance that the sculptor wished to give to the rest of the figure, decorated with a pearl necklace.


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- Former Serge Brignoni collection (Chiasso) (before the 1940s);
- Former private collection (Lugano);

This Baulé sculpture, with its crown-shaped hairstyle, has a disproportionately shaped body, where the lower limbs are much smaller and anatomical parts are treated in an unrefined manner, which demonstrates the archaic style of Baulé sculpting. The many works, which have subsequently been crafted in the region, are famous for the perfection and balance of the human figure. Every detail, which the sculptors of the many atelier have produced, are always created with great care, particularly when it comes to the body’s proportions, tattoos, and fingers and toes where even all the bones and nails are sculpted to perfection.


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