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Milan, Wednesday 14 October 2020


Suku (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Wood with a dark coating
H 31 cm
Male figure.
Male half-torso figure whose function was probably to act as the handle of a fly swatter, the characteristic African instrument that signified prestige.


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- Former Prince Saddrudin Aga Khan collection (Geneva) (1933 - 2003);
- Former Paolo Morigi collection (Lugano) (Morigi inventory label num. 522);
- Former private collection (Lugano);


- Lugano 2002, Palazzo Riva, Banca Svizzera Italiana (BSI);


- VENTURI LUCA M. “Anime antiche, arte negra, da una raccolta di sculture dell’Africa occidentale” BSI Bank, Lugano 2002, fig. 73;

- FELIX MARK LEO “100 Peoples of Zaire and their sculpture: Suku pages 194 - 195” Brussels 1987;
- BOURGEOIS ARTHUR P. “The Yaka and Suku”, Leiden, Holland 1985;

The Suku people live in the southern region of the Congo, near the river Kwango and Mungila, at the border with Angola. They reside in the lands close to the Yaka, with whom they share a religion and divinatory worship practice. They use objects like masks, sculptures, idols and even wine glasses made of palm. In many cases, people confuse the two styles. In general, Suku art can be distinguished by its human figure made in the round. There is no emphasis on a hooked nose, which is a characteristic trait of Yaka art.


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