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Milan, Wednesday 14 October 2020


Dan, Man region on the border with Guinea and Liberia (Ivory Coast)

Wood with a glossy, black coating
H 26 cm

A classic mask with a pointed chin, well-modelled nose and lips, narrow slits for eyes and a half-closed mouth. The ears are a rare detail in masks from this region. However, they do not disturb the oval line of the face made glossy by the shiny coating and highlighted by the series of incisions of parallel lines that surround it.


€ 8.000 - 10.000

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- George F. Keller antique collection (Bern) (Inv. G.F.K.…- number illegible);
- Former Paolo Morigi collection (Lugano);
- Former private collection (Lugano);


- Lugano 2002, Palazzo Riva, Banca Svizzera Italiana (BSI);


Reproduced in:
- VENTURI LUCA M. “Anime antiche, arte negra, da una raccolta di sculture dell’Africa occidentale” BSI Bank, Lugano 2002, fig. 11;


African Art

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