Libro d’artista - Due cataloghi di mostra - Zorio, Gilberto (Andorno Micca 1944)

The brain on the index. Presentation by Nico OrengoTorino, edition edited by the author, [print: Turingraf Typography], 1994 (May), 16x11.5 cm., Paperback, pp. 39- [1]

Color illustrated cover with a drawing by Luigi Stoisa. Design and layout by Beatrice Merz. Presentation by Nico Orengo ("To Vasco l'Are"). Text by Vasco Aru. Collaborators for the creation of the booklet: Rossella and Andrea Bonomi, Beatrice Merz, Nico Orengo, Luisa and Marco Rizzioli, Lisa and Tucci Russo, Gilberto Zorio. Zorio's intervention is different from copy to copy. Speech by Gilberto Zorio on page. 27: an original tempera composition (a fuchsia-colored star), with his signature and date autographed in black marker (21 May 1994). - Kingdom: ZORIO Gilberto, Gilberto Zorio, Luzern, Kunstmuseum Luzern, 1976, 29.7x21.2 cm, paperback, pp. 79, cover with a color image and text printed in black on gray cardboard. Illustrated catalog with 81 photographic reproductions in color and black and white. Complete volume of a dossier with the translation of the texts in English. - Kingdom: ZORIO Gilberto, Gilberto Zorio, Oslo, Kunstnernes Hus, 1986, 28x21 cm, paperback, pp. [24], illustrated catalog with 5 color and 4 black and white images of the installations exhibited at the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo from April 26 to June 8, 1986. Text in Italian and English by the artist.

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