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1931 Rover Rover Nizam Sport 10/25 (Carbodies)

chassis no. 72232 - engine no. 72232

  • Prewar sports tourer, mostly preserved.
  • Excellent mechanical conditions. In “patina”.
  • Scrupulous maintenance.
  • Matching Numbers.
  • Original use and maintenance manual and presentation brochure.
  • With 4-speed gearbox and 3-speed gearbox, both original.
  • Owned by the same family until 1970s.


€ 35.000 - 45.000

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The model

The 10/25 was a car built by Rover from the middle of 1927 up to 1933. The Rover increased the bore of the 9/20hp model by 15 mm and renamed it 10/25hp model to indicate 10% increase in displacement, but with a 25% increase in power. The 4-cylinder in-line OHV engine (aluminum head) had a displacement of 1185 cc. In 1931 the Carbodies body shop in Coventry, known above all for its sporting creations on MG chassis, starting from the chassis and engine of the Rover 10/25, built the body of this two-seater car, characterized by sporty cut, lack of sills, faired suspension and "boat tail". The model was baptized with the particular name "Nizam", in honor of the Nizam (title equivalent to Maharajah) of Islamabad in India, one of the most notable Indian loyalists of the British Empire. The Nizam Sport was part of a commercial program devised by Rover's General Manager, Spencer Wilks, based on the dressing of standard chassis and mechanics with limited-edition sports bodies and with the names of models inspired by the Indian domains of the British Empire; the other models built were in fact called Rajah, Maharajah and Ranee. According to books and publications, only 3 units of this car have been made, of which 2 survived to the present day.The first one produced, originally painted in two shades of blue, with chassis and engine No. 71784, was registered in 1931 with JD1875 (UK) plate and was later purchased in 1935 by the famous English racing driver, journalist and writer Sir Alec Francis Rivers Fletcher, one of the legendary "Bentley Boys", painted by him in green and silver, overhauled in the engine and finally destroyed in 1937.The second car produced is the one presented at this auction.The third car built, green and black, with chassis and engine no. 73043, was registered in 1932 with PN9345 (UK) plate and was retained at the time directly by the Rover which, at the end of the normal period of use, included it in the collection of its private Museum. Collection that in 1964, by acquisition, merged into the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Museum near London, where the car is still preserved.

The car

The Rover Nizam Sport 10/25 (Carbodies), chassis and engine No. 72232, is the second example produced, green and black, registered in 1931 with the PJ1214 (UK) license plate. This car, which belonged to the same family until the 1970s and was subsequently present in the collections of some British enthusiasts, was sold in the early 1990s in Germany, where it was bought by the last owner, an Italian collector, in 2003. Matching numbers, has Targa Oro ASI, FIVA Certificate and Fiche CSAI. It is regularly registered in Italy. The original use and maintenance booklet, the presentation brochure and other documentation of the era are supplied with the car. In "patina", still completely original in woods, frame and bodywork, that has undergone only a slight haze around the end of the 1970s. The original engine is fully functional and constantly followed by specialists. Has both a 4-speed gearbox, currently fitted on the car, and a 3-speed gearbox (which is offered with the car, along with other spare parts including an engine head), absolutely original and offered as an alternative at the time. Perfect and fully removable top, removable side windows, original wire spare wheel, "elastic" steering wheel, original Hartford adjustable shock absorbers, original starter key, trunk-opener key, jack, fire extinguisher of the era, complete the car's equipment. Chassis no. 72232 has successfully participated in some of the most important Italian regularity events such as: Gran Premio Nuvolari, Aosta-Gran San Bernardo, Trofeo AIDO, Circuito di Vercelli, 300 Miglia del Ducato, Grand Prix Terre dei Savoia, also getting 1st place overall at Barchetta Day 2004 and 2nd place overall at the Circuito della Superba 2012. It was also exhibited at Automotoretrò in 2010. In addition to the publication of several photos in the competition on the main magazines in the sector, it was the protagonist of a six pages article published on German magazine "Motor Klassik" of March 1997 and of a four pages article on "Ruoteclassiche" of March 2005.

State of the Art

Completely original, preserved, scrupulous maintenance for a result of aesthetic and mechanical conditions of first level.


Graham Robson, The Rover Story: A Century of Success, Patrick Stephens, Cambridge (UK), 1977.

Certifications and Statements

Fiva, ASI Targa Oro, Fiche CSAI.


Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated


  • Giro di Sicilia. Eligible.
  • Targa Florio. Eligible.
  • Goodwood Revival. Eligible.
  • Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti. Eligible.
  • Coppa delle Alpi by 1000 Miglia. Eligible.
  • Winter Marathon. Eligible.
  • Nürburgring Classic. Eligible.



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