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The registered ERMINI brand and ERMINI 686 prototype

  • Excellent opportunity to acquire a prestigious brand
  • Participated in the making of the history of sports motoring in between the 1940s and 1960s
  • One of the protagonists of the postwar Mille Miglia history
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs or investment fund who want to enhance or develop niche products
  • Ideal for developing sports models with traditional or ecological vocation
  • Ideal for developing tribute or sanction models and parts for the already existing ERMINI cars
  • The brand presents also registered classes for the production of brand-related lines of clothing, watches, leather goods, accessories, jewellery, modelling, and publishing
  • Possibility of sponsoring international events like the Mille Miglia· The fully functional 2014 ERMINI 686 prototype and related projects are part of the lo


€ 2.000.000 - 2.500.000

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The ERMINI story

Pasquale Ermini, called "Pasquino", was a car enthusiast. During the post-war years, he was one of the most renown manufacturers of Italian sports cars. Born near Firenze, he began as a mechanic apprentice in the Emilio Materassi team. He grew up within the international competition scene and established important relationships, including that with the Eng. Alberto Massimino, who later participated in creating ERMINI’s success. Ermini opened his workshop, but it was only after the war, in 1946, that he developed an aluminium head with two overhead shafts to be applied to the Fiat 1100 block. In the first months of 1947, He completed the first Fiat-ERMINI engine. The name Fiat-ERMINI was due to the new CSAI regulation which required all vehicles to be registered, thus preventing to give them the name of their creators as they would have had to face unsustainable testing costs. In the winter of 1948, began the fruitful collaboration with the coachbuilder Rocco Motto. The big breakthrough came in the same year when ERMINI cars began to participate in the Mille Miglia. From that moment on, the name ERMINI conquered great successes in class and overall, both at the Mille Miglia and in the most important competitions. The palmarès was getting bigger every year. With the successes obtained, the requests to purchase the Fiat-based ERMINI engines flourished, as they were considered the most powerful of the 1100 Sports Class. The variety and quantity of cars that used the Fiat-ERMINI engine were humongous. The ERMINI cars evolved continuously: for the 1950 season, Ermini commissioned Gilco a new chassis, to create even more competitive cars. A new four-cylinder engine was designed, with the help of the engineer Alberto Massimino, with an aluminium block, five bench supports and a new twin-shaft head. Built entirely by ERMINI, it was one of the few racing engines that did not come from other standard productions, thereby giving further prestige to the builder. The cars began to be registered as “ERMINI”, without the “Fiat” suffix. Official assistance by the "Squadra Corse ERMINI" was offered during races from 1952. The results of the ERMINI cars increases year by year, despite the competitors and the barriers imposed by ever new regulations. In 1955, Ermini faced his last project, again with Massimino: they built a new chassis and a new engine, this time with a twin-spark head. The ERMINI 357 was born, a car with a long and rich career also overseas in the United States. Thanks to the new project, ERMINI was recognised the title of “car manufacturer,” thus allowing the firm to start its numbering. In the early months of 1955, ERMINI turned to the Scaglietti body shop to build five cars in the Sport Barchetta configuration. Only three of the five ERMINI chassis were bodied, as Enzo Ferrari, who had an exclusive agreement with Scaglietti, poorly tolerated the Florentine manufacturer's competition.

For this reason, the other two remaining chassis were bodied, based on the model of the three Scaglietti, by the Fratelli Morelli from Ferrara. The tragic events that took place during the 24 Heures du Mans and, in 1957, at the Mille Miglia led to the abolition of road speed races and the end of an era. Pasquino Ermini began his most protracted and most difficult battle against a disease that led him to abandon the development of his "creatures". His death, in 1958, decreed the end of the Florentine brand that closed definitively in 1962. In alphabetical order: Clemente Biondetti, Ugo Bormioli, Attilio Brandi, Giulio Cabianca, Carlo Chiti, Enrico Manzini, Supremo Montanari, Ugo Puma, Piero Scotti, Piero Taruffi, Aldo Terigi are just some of the pilots who have brought the ERMINI cars to success.

The lot

An excellent and rare opportunity: if you purchase this lot you will acquire the ERMINI brand and all the rights connected to it, which can be found in the table file. The lot presents, moreover, the 2014 ERMINI 686 prototype (and the related project).

The potential

There are several possible areas of business and investments for the future buyer. The relaunch of the brand is full of potentialities: maintaining the consistency between past and future to its full extent, at the same time modern and in continuity with the Italian handicraft motor tradition, allowing ERMINI to anticipate solutions to the increasing needs for environmental respect. With this in mind, the purchase of the ERMINI brand is an opportunity for many, individuals who are interested in a prestigious and intelligent investment as well as large companies. For the companies, mainly if aimed at a general market, the ERMINI brand, as already happened with other well-known brands, could also be a source of increased prestige.

The builder 

There are many technical possibilities for the ERMINI brand. The registered class “12”, allows ERMINI to build vehicles. ERMINI is perfect to create a niche brand, useful to develop limited edition/small series sports models with traditional or ecological vocation, with alternative fuels, hybrid or electric. On the other hand, the brand is perfect for developing sanction models. A new ERMINI 357 can be built, following the example of other famous firms with a sporty past like the Jaguar with the XKSS or Mercedes-Benz with the 300 SL AMG or even Porsche by Zagato. Small numbers of expensive and exclusive cars. The same ERMINI brand can be used to distinguish a unique set-up of a car, different for technical or aesthetic contents from that of the basic cars. Following the example of what recently happened with Vignale, identifying the top of the range, in the Ford brand. The ERMINI brand is also a perfect starting point to provide parts for the existing ERMINI cars, give restoration assistance or undertake complete restoration, certifying the work done. It should be remembered that for the prestige of the brand and the semi-artisanal construction of the cars, the ERMINI are vehicles with great and well-established prices.

The lifestyle 

Another exciting opportunity for the brand is presented by the several registered classes of products marketable with the ERMINI brand like happened with Gulf or other historic brands. Clothing, watches, leather goods (of the Florentine tradition), accessories, jewellery are only the first examples. Please, see the attached table for the complete list.

The corporate

What rights does own the ERMINI brand entail? The possibility of establishing a brand registry, of certifying cars, car parts and restorations. To become the point of reference for ERMINI world, from the presentation of prototypes or new cars at the international car shows to the creation of a heritage program. The possibility of buying an Italian brand, a brand that is a witness to Italian manufacturing excellence, while also keeping its headquarters in Florence, as a flagship of the Florentine craftsmanship. The possibility of recreating the "Squadra Corse ERMINI" team, with prestigious drivers who are already driving on the roads of the most prestigious international re-enactments, from the Mille Miglia to the Targa Florio, as another priceless and spontaneous flagship. Alternatively, (why not?) get on track, or create a single-brand championship for new cars. The possibility of sponsoring international events like the Mille Miglia with all the consequent opportunities of PR and advertisement of any important event. Alternatively, even to organise events under the ERMINI flag, thanks to the class “41”.

The ERMINI 686 prototype

ERMINI's future is tangible and has already a starting point: the prototype ERMINI 686 (seiottosei), presented at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, is part of the lot. The project is the result of close cooperation among ERMINI, Osella and Giulio Cappellini, one among the top “maestros” in the contemporary international design world. The objective was to develop a product which had to be a point of reference for its excellence, from a technological as well as from a design point of view. All the components of the car which have not been specifically designed for ERMINI 686 represent in any case the top “race” derivation available products in the market. The manually welded stainless steel frame is developed explicitly by Osella to guarantee both maximum resistance and lightness and belongs to ERMINI. The body has technically essential elements made in carbon fibre and wrought-aluminium. The car is equipped with a Renault turbo engine providing a certified 320 horsepower. Such power, coupled with a total car weight of 686 kg (hence the name) guarantees a real super-car weight/power ratio, while the engine guarantees minimal emission level. Push-rod suspension on four corners is equipped with Ohlins adjustable competition shock absorbers. The electric and the braking systems were explicitly developed respectively by Bosch and by Brembo. The upholstery was developed in cooperation with Alcantara. The steering wheel by Nardi is named after ERMINI’s founder (Pasquino). The whole suspensions system is treated with a unique molecular process (PVD), which guarantees a unique coating with extremely high resistance to impacts and atmospheric agents. A perfect combination of unique design and functionality.

A double solution for the buyer

The buyer, without prejudice to the value of the awarded lot, has two possible methods of purchase:1 - directly purchases the registered brand and the prototype (including the related project) from the owner;2 - or, where it is of greater interest to the successful bidder, the latter can acquire the shares representing the entire share capital of the companies now holding the lot: The “OFFICINA ERMINI FIRENZE DI EUGENIO ERCOLI & C. S.A.S.” for the brand registrations and the “ERMINI AUTOMOBILI ITALIA S.R.L.” for the prototype, the projects and some registrations. This solution is designed to facilitate the immediacy of maintaining the company headquarters in Florence.Please note that in any case, it would take at least 30 days to complete the documents’ and goods’ transfer and to go through all the related formalities, starting from the auction date. The buyer bears the costs of the heading of the brand.



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