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Brescia, Monday 13 May 2019


1957 MGA 1500 (MG)

Chassis no B643117B - Engine no. 15GB-U-H33360

  • Eligible for the Mille Miglia as it already took part in the Mille Miglia re-enactment in 2011
  • Chopard watch received at the Mille Miglia in 2011
  • MGA 1500 first series· Beautiful model, fully restored


€ 37.000 - 43.000

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The Car

During the 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMC's MG division launched an innovative sports spider called MGA, a replacement for the old T series. It represented a final change in style. When, in July 1962, production ceased, it was replaced by MGB. MGA holds the highest percentage of exports if compared to any other British car. BMC sold as many as 101.081 cars from 1955 to 1962, and only 5,869 were sold in the domestic market. The MGA was designed in 1952 by the MG designer Syd Enever. He felt the necessity to create a slimmer car body than that of the TD Le Mans, with drivers positioned too high. MG designed a lower and more efficient chassis, optimising the position of the driver. A prototype was presented to the BMC president, Leonard Lord, who decided to produce this new car, despite having already signed an agreement with Donald Healey for the production of the Austin-Healey. This car caused a reduction in sales volume of the traditional MG models, so much so that it caused a change of mentality at the top of the company. The car, initially called the UA series, was renamed MGA, to underline how it represented the first car of a new line since it was so different from the previous models. Even the advertising of the time played on this aspect. The first version, the MGA 1500, had a 1489 cm³ engine that developed 68 bhp, but the power was soon increased to 72 bhp. All the wheels were fitted with hydraulic drum brakes. A coupé version was also produced, bringing the total production of the MGA 1500 to 58,750 units.

The Model

The MGA 1500, chassis number B643117B, is a specimen built in 1957 and therefore belongs to the first series, of which it has all the features. The car is in really excellent condition both from the mechanics and bodywork’s point of view. Moreover, it has the Fiva identity card and the ASI certificate. It comes with beautiful white paint and red interior, but its peculiarity is undoubtedly the fact that it was a car produced before 1957, and therefore eligible for the Mille Miglia. The car has already participated in the 2011 Mille Miglia re-enactment. On that occasion, it also won the Chopard watch at auction with the car. The MGA represents the new spring of the MG brand, a car with sleek lines and of timeless elegance.

State of Art: Fully restored.


  • Williams John Price, The MGA, Veloce Publishing, UK 2001.- Robert Vitrikas, MGA
  • A History and restoration guide, Haessner Pub Co, UK 1980.

Certifications and Statements

Registration and Italian license plates in order.


  • Mille Miglia. Eligible. 
  • Giro di Sicilia. Eligible.
  • Targa Florio. Eligible. 
  • Goodwood Revival. Eligible
  • Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. Eligible.
  • Tour Auto. Eligible.
  • Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti. Eligible.
  • Vernasca Silver Flag. Eligible.
  • California Mille: Eligible.
  • Nürburgring Classic. Eligible.



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