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1955 FIAT 1100 TV (Carrozzerie Speciali Fiat)

chassis no. 182414, engine no. 212347

  • Mille Miglia Eligible. "TV" has an important past as a winner in its Mille Miglia class.
  • Completely restored.
  • Stunning conditions.
  • Original registration booklet.


€ 47.000 - 55.000

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The model

Few cars, like the Fiat 1100 tell so many stories of Italy from the late 30s to the late 60s. The 1100 was the “child” of the Fiat 508C, the Nuova Balilla 1100, and it quickly acquired the nickname "musone" (as if to say “long face”) for its imposing front grille. It underwent many evolutions to arrive in 1953 with the “birth” of the 1100/103. A totally new car, equipped with a monocoque chassis. Of the original car, only the side cam 4-cylinder engine with 1089 cc was kept. Compared to the 1100 E it had a modern three-box 4-door sedan body with a short and rounded tail, integrated mudguards and front lights. Technically, apart from the transition to the monocoque solution, it was a classic design: rear-wheel drive, independent front, rear live axle and drum brakes. The name of the new model (1100/103) came from its project number. The model, despite being a family car, was immediately successful with sportsmen; even Enzo Ferrari complimented it. In October 1953, the car became available in an openly sports version, the 1100 TV (Turismo Veloce). The car boasted 48 hp (later 50 hp), compared to the 36 hp in the normal versions, thanks in part to a double-barrel Weber carburettor and a higher compression ratio. On the TV, the transmission was divided into two parts connected by a joint, the final ratio also changed. Externally it was recognizable for its two-tone paint, richer finish, "tail" on the sides of the trunk and a central third light in the front grille. The TV was widely used in competitions and its most prestigious victories include class wins at the Mille Miglia in 1954 and 1955. Luciano Ciolfi won the Italian Touring Car Championship in a 1100 TV and Umberto Agnelli competed several times with a Turismo Veloce. In 1956, a restyling involved all 1100/103s, giving birth to the 103 E series.

The car

The Fiat 1100 TV, with chassis no. 182414, is a rare and authentic first series of the 1100/103 model, assembled in the Carrozzerie Speciali Fiat department; it was registered in Rome in August 1955 and, the following month, it changed ownership and license plate (Udine). The car received its current license plate in the early months of 1970, following the creation of the new province of Pordenone (PN). The third owner would have arrived only 29 years later, in 1984. The latter provided for a first restoration and in turn kept the car (with a transfer of ownership within his family) until 2016, the year in which it was purchased, following long negotiations, from the last owner. This one provided for a new philological and meticulous restoration, lasting one year, of every aspect of the car, respecting the original configuration, identifying the various materials of origin. The engine (type 103.006), gearbox and original differential have been overhauled. The interiors have been redone in accordance with the original. On the dashboard, a beautiful Autovox radio dedicated to the model, an accessory of the era. It was painted in one of the provided for two-tone combinations, in this case light blue with a dark blue roof. A car practically as new. Black plates and first registration booklet (on pages), from the era. ASI Targa Oro certified.

State of the Art

Concours restoration, perfect.

Certifications and Statements
ASI Targa Oro - Fiva.

Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated.
Mille Miglia."TV" has an important past as a winner inits Mille Miglia class.
Giro di Sicilia.
Targa Florio.
Goodwood Revival.
Rallye Monte-Carlo Historic.
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti.
Coppa delle Alpi by 1000 Miglia.
Winter Marathon.
California Mille.
Nürburgring Classic.
Pebble BeachConcours d’Eegance.
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.
Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille.
Concorso d’eleganza Villa D’Este.



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