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Works from Bruno Mantura collection

Tuesday 23 March 2021, 03:00 PM • Rome


Ettore Ferrari

(Roma 1845 - 1929)

Lake of Albano


€ 600 - 900


€ 768

The price includes buyer's premium


watercolor on card
49.5 x 54 cm
signed and titled lower right: EF / Lago d'Albano


Ferrari Frey heirs.


B.Mantura, P.Rosazza-Ferraris, Ettore Ferrari , catalogue of the exhibition, Latina, Palazzo della Cultura, 10 December 1988 - 30 January 1989, Milan - Rome 1988, file no. 53.

Among the favorite places of landscape painters already at the time of the Grand Tour lake Albano - with its  surroundings,  la grande alberata del Convento dei Cappuccini and the rise to  Monte Cavo - is portrayed here live from Ettore Ferrari who chooses the wide, liquid, purple view of the lake in the background, anchoring it to an element in the foreground, a stone pillar that supports a wooden tub surrounded by copper with a flowering geranium. The pillar delimits the view indicating the point of view of the artist, top of the lake, along the road leading to Castelgandolfo e continues for Albano. Is clearly visible the crown of ancient oaks that until a few decades ago surrounded the top of the mountain, gradually eliminated to make room for the repeaters and antennas that replaced it.

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