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"Un Gioiello per la Vita" - Asta di beneficenza

sabato 30 marzo 2019 • Milan

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Lions Club Valenza Adamas e Valenza Host a favore di Avis primo soccorso Onlus Valenza

: Il ricavato della vendita sarà interamente devoluto a AVIS primo soccorso ONLUS Valenza e le aggiudicazioni non saranno gravate da commissioni, spese o imposte.

Via Paolo Sarpi, 8 - Milano
(come raggiungerci)

SESSION (lots 1 - 68) 
3 pm



Sabato 30 marzo 2019, hours 15:00 - SESSION (lotti 1-68)


Via Paolo Sarpi, 8
(come raggiungerci

Da giovedì 28 a sabato 30 marzo
Dalle ore 10:00 alle 18:00

Sabato 30 marzo
ore 13:00

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The Jewelry, Watches and Silver Department, led by Fabio Nussenblatt, offers jewellery and precious items to buyers and collectors from all over the world.

The Department is active both in Milan and Rome. It organizes two auctions a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn semester with catalogues hugely appealing to the Italian and international markets.

Among the lots at auctions, high jewellery and big names stand out, from Van Cleef & Arpels to Cartier, confirmed as the most requested by collectors and jewellery lovers.
The prestigious Italian goldsmith tradition from Bulgari to Frascarolo, from Pomellato to Buccellati, finds excellent feedback from the Italian and foreign public who are increasingly looking for unique pieces, precious examples of the so-called Made in Italy.

Particular attention is devoted to ancient jewels: of unparalleled charm, they often represent non-reproducible artisan creations, the results of the extraordinary execution of the master goldsmiths and artistic expressions of rare elegance.

The auctions register excellent results with certified diamonds, precious gems and natural pearls that attract collectors and buyers from all over the world and represent a form of investment whose value lasts over time.

Department experts are selecting goods and entire collections for the upcoming auctions. We invite you to contact us by email or through the appropriate form for free and confidential valuations of Jewelry, Watches and Silver.

Contact +39 02 33638025 Text us on WhatsApp


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