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The art of Reproducing Codexes

Friday 07 October 2022, 04:00 PM • Milan


Dante Alighieri

(Firenze 1265 - Ravenna 1321)

The Trivulziano Codex 1080 of the Divine Comedy, 1921


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€ 141

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Milan, Hoepli, 1921. 370 x 260 mm. Leather binding and dry impressions, defects and lacks on the spine. Ex Libris Giovanni Treccani degli Alfieri, then library of Tammaro de Marinis. 

Specialist Notes

Facsimile of the codex preserved at the Trivulziana Library in Milan drawn up by Francesco di Ser Nardo da Barberino in Florence in 1337 which contains the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, the Chapters by Jacopo Alighieri and some poems by Bosone Novello da Gubbio.

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