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The art of Reproducing Codexes

Friday 07 October 2022, 04:00 PM • Milan


Dante Alighieri

(Firenze 1265 - Ravenna 1321)

The divine Comedy, 2002


€ 600 - 800


€ 1.024

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Florence, Fratelli Alinari, 1902 [2002]. Reprint of the edition published in 1902 by Alinari of The Divine Comedy again illustrated by Italian artists , re-published in 2002 on the occasion of Alinari's 150 years of activity, with attached 36 tables taken from the original plates of glass with the "collotype" technique in a limited edition. In dedicated editorial box, in full red canvas. Copy n.2 / 350.

Specialist Notes

Reprint of the Divine Comedy newly illustrated by Italian artists , published in Florence in 1902 by Vittorio Alinari (1859 - 1932). Alinari invited Italian artists to illustrate the Comedy through a competition that saw Alberto Zardo as the winner, followed by Armando Spadini, third jointly Duilio Cambellotti and Ernesto Bellandi. Among the other artists who contributed to illustrate the work: Plinio Nomellini, Giovanni Fattori, Adofo De Carolis etc. 

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