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The 100 vases from the ''100% Make-up'' series by Alessandro Mendini

Friday 11 June 2021 • Milan

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Friday 11 June, 4 pm
SESSION (lots 0-100)

Milano / Via Paolo Sarpi, 6
(get direction)

The auction dedicated to the complete collection of vases from the 100% Make-up series by Alessandro Mendini will officially start on Friday 28 May and will end on Friday 11 June.

In these two weeks the pre-auction phase will take place, a period during which it will be possible to bid on 101 lots.

The complete series of 100 vases will in fact be presented simultaneously both as a single lot (lot 0: complete collection including all 100 vases) and in 100 distinct lots (lot 1-100) of the individual vases of the 100 authors.

The auction will end on Friday 11 June at 4 pm with a live event in which the auctioneer will award the lots starting from the highest bid received in the pre-auction phase, but it will still be possible to participate online directly from the Finarte website to make your bids live.

In the event that, at any time during the auction, an offer should be made on the complete collection (lot 0), this would automatically invalidate all offers on individual lots and from that moment on it will only be possible to compete only for the complete collection.


Friday 11 June 2021, 4:00 pm - SESSION (Lots 0-100)
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The vases can be viewed every day at the Finarte headquarters in Milan during office hours. However, it is preferable to book an appointment.

Milan / Via Paolo Sarpi, 6
(get direction)

For appointments contact the number: 02 3363801

The Department is available to send condition reports or further information material for each lot.

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And, against the sky, opaque and reflective: the glass reflects the sky. Incielano the Architecture

(Gio Ponti, Amate l’Architettura)

This special year that we have all lived, in close contact with the domestic environment of our homes, has helped to raise awareness of the importance of what surrounds us. Glass, a material so fascinating as to be almost magical, embellishes and enriches our furniture, brings us back to the beauty of detail and the rediscovery of continuous change. Because glass reflects, translates, changes and modifies what is around it.

After the interesting Murano collection presented in December, Finarte invites you to submit your glasses to us with the aim of making the most of them on the Italian and international market: from small desk objects to highly collectible vases, our experts are at at your disposal for an evaluation.

Contact +39 02 02 3363801 Text us on WhatsApp



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