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Thursday 21 April 2022 • Milan

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Finarte presentes in our next spring auction session, a selection of oriental carpets and runners. 63 lots of works of Asian and Middle Eastern production will be presented at the auction, all hand-knotted, all coming from a private assignment.

The auction aims to offer our customers the opportunity to win rare and unpublished carpets, generally in wool, knotted with interesting intertwining of artisanal production. The core of carpets was collected through a careful selection of processing techniques, richness in the use of color and selected ornamental motifs handed down from generation to generation. The historical documents that have survived testify and at the same time reveal the customs of epochs and geographical areas, elements that also allow us to establish the intended use of the carpet and the religious or poetic symbolism it contains.

Coming from Tibet there are small wool rugs, rich in geometric, floral and animal motifs, with a fine knot and a very soft wool.

From Pakistan, South Asia, a Bokhara set in shades of beiges and burgundy.

Also worthy of note are the Yastiks, knotted in the early 1900s in the remote villages of central Turkey and also, again from the Anatolian peninsula, the two Ghiordes, real pearls, with a classic very minute design and pastel colors.

And yet a small series of Kelims, with fascinating and pleasant vegetable colors, hand-knotted by Afghan refugees in the territories of northern Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan.

Attractive Moroccan-style knotted rugs, with Berber designs, so boldly, almost scandalously primitive, but extremely pleasant and lovable.

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Thursday 21 April 2022, 4:00 pm - SESSION (Lots 1-62)
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