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Thursday 16 July 2020 • Rome


Opera su carta - Monk, Jonathan

(Leicester 1969)

Jonathan Monk and Gabriele De SantisBergamo, s.e., 2017, 6.6x12.7 cm.

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5 banknotes, work by Jonathan Monk and Gabriele De Santis composed of five 10 euro banknotes with interventions by the artists. The project was carried out on 27 May 2017 on the occasion of the Art Festival in Bergamo.

Specialist Notes

“Is the trace of the drawing you are leaving on the sheet or the signature affixed at the end of the process more important? So what if the signature is an artistic action itself? JM: All these three elements, the context, the signature and the drawing have the same weight for me, they are not separate. Signing is not that important in my art. … I don't know why people sign things. Now we are making our designs on top of other objects - reproductions of works of art which are in turn autographed and which probably also for this reason have acquired historical importance.GDS: I would add that we will also do another similar event, during the festival we will draw on banknotes from 10 euros; the design can be bought for another 10 euros.?: But how much will they be drawn? If they are too drawn, the coin loses value ... [laughter] GDS: This is precisely the point. The challenge is to understand how important is drawing and "authorship" for you, if therefore the design is worth at least 10 euros or not.?: At the same time I think the question is also how important it is for you, because it is you who you are drawing banknotes ... GDS: Yes, but then you buy them for me, I receive another 10 euros and I'm fine ... it's you who stay with the 10 euros drawn ... "

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