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Thursday 16 July 2020 • Rome


Libro d’artista - Sei Fotografie - Hendricks, Geoffrey

(Littleton 1931)

Between two Points - Between two poles - The dreams and journal from - meditative rituals at - Byrkjefjellet, Norway - Asolo, Italy - Rosa Pineta, Italy - june / july - 1974 - illustrated - and - the cronology - of the american artist - Geoffrey Hendricks, Reggio Emilia, Pari & Dispari Editions, [print: Type-Lithograph Cooperative Workmen Typographers - Reggio Emilia], 1975 [copyright 1976], 20x15.6 cm., Milled paperback, pp. (14) 112- [2].

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Cover with title in black framed on a white background, a photographic image b.n. on the back, 23 photographic images on coated paper and an applied photographic portrait ("Otto Henriksen", grandfather of the artist) in black and white n.t. Photographs by Gerhard Stoltz (for the performance carried out in Norway) and Mario Parolin (for the performance carried out in Italy). Layout and design by Giulio Bizzarri - Studio AQu. Complete copy of the 2 sheets attached editorially (one with the editorial note in Norwegian, Italian and English, and the other with the incorrect corrige). The book documents a 1974 performance divided into two ritual actions. The first takes place in Norway, the land of the artist's grandparents, the second in Italy, in Asolo and Rosa Pineta. Attached 6 original black and white photographs, vintages, 40x30 cm., By Mario Parolin, signed by the photographer and the artist, relating to the performance. First edition. [Bibliography: Archive of the Luigi Bonotto Foundation: Code FX1428 1/3]. Description of the 6 vintages of Mario Parolin attached: 1. "I cut thin slices ..." The image portrays the materials prepared and arranged for the ritual and is published in the book with the caption: "I cut thin slices of wood from each tree. Stones from Norway, Asolo, Cape Breton and elsewhere. I placed in front of the chair ". 2. "Cutting and collecting shrubs" The image portrays the artist while cutting and collecting shrubs. Unpublished photography. 3. "The transport of shrubs" The image portrays the artist while dragging a heavy load of shrubs. Unpublished photography. 4. "The burial of the lands" The image portrays the artist in the act of burying an envelope containing earth. Unpublished photography. 5. "The cutting of the tree" The image portrays the artist while cutting the branch of a tree. Unpublished photography. 6. "Communion of roots and hair" The image portrays the artist as he ties together roots and tufts of his hair. Unpublished photography.

Note Specialistiche

"In Italy the artist ... performed two simple meditation rituals on 3 and 5 July 1974. It was full moon when the first took place between two olive trees on the top of an Asolo hill. The second in Rosa Pineta, a beach south of Chioggia ... under the burning sun. In the first case he built a circle of stones and in the second one of sticks and dry branches. At the center of each of these circles he buried land taken from specific places in Norway and the United States. The land taken from the hill of Asolo threw it into the sea. Then he lit a fire. He worked with roots. He cut wood. The trees he had cut and dragged into the sea tied them to his body. With great effort he got rid of the trees, then completely painted himself blue, like the sky. He swam out to sea and then to the shore. For eight days he collected stones and recorded his dreams. These events are documented in the Francesco Conz archive with relics and photographs. " (from the editorial note attached to the book).

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