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Charms of Art & Artworks from an important private Roman collection

Tuesday 23 February 2021, 03:00 PM • Rome


Scuola italiana, fine del secolo XIX - inizi del secolo XX

St. George and the dragon; and Gallant couple


€ 700 - 1.200


€ 1.024

The price includes buyer's premium


mixed media on canvas, so-called grass juice, not framed
255 x 119 cm; and 192.5 x 118 cm
defects and losses


Collection of the Countess Amalia Canonica, from the early twentieth century; and by inheritance to the current owners.
The author of the painting depicting Saint George and the dragon is probably Paolo Gaidano, a painter who often worked for the Capello family, portraying the countess Amalia and illustrating the storybook she wrote.

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