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Tuesday 30 March 2021, 03:00 PM • Rome


Bargagli, Scipione

The entertainment by Scipion Bargagli; two by vague women, and by young men represented are honesti, and delightful games: narrate nouelle and sing some loving songs, 1587


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€ 218

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Venice, Giunti, 1587. In 4th. Typographic mark on the title page with emblem with Florentine lily in a figured frame, Medici coat of arms at the top, figured friezes and initials, text in Roman italics, light browning, water gora in the lower margin, sporadic slight reddening, binding of a later period in parchment with two pieces in red and green with author, title, place and date stamped in gold on the back with 4 nerves, blue cuts, light woodworm work on the back.

Specialist Notes

First edition of the best-known work of the Sienese scholar (1540-1612) which begins with an introduction with a Boccaccio flavor and proceeds to investigate amorous questions and doubts. The six short stories that Gaetano Poggiali extrapolated and published as an independent collection are famous.

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