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Automotive: Finarte 2020 Selection + 1000 Finarte

from Wednesday 28 October 2020 a Friday 30 October 2020 • Online



750 Sport, 1950


€ 200.000 - 300.000


€ 291.175

The price includes buyer's premium


chassis no. BT006, engine no. 500B*131799*
  • First owned by F1 former driver Maria Teresa de Filippis.
  • 1952 Mille Miglia racer with champ Luigi Musso.
  • Huge palmarès.
  • Completely restored to outstanding conditions.
  • The epitome of “etceterini” sport cars.

Historical pics by:Associazione Riccardo Carbone - Archivi Farabola - Giorgio Nada Editore - Novafoto Sorlini

Particular condition of this lot: the owner has decided to sell only one of his ex-Mille Miglia barchettas, both at auction, therefore we will proceed to sell only the car that will win the maximum offer, among the Giaur 750 Sport, chassis no. BT006, and the Panhard Dyna X86 Spider, chassis no. 48182.
Certificates and Statements
FIVA, ASI Documents Registration and Italian black license plates in order.
Mille Miglia. Highly eligible, since the car is a former race participant.
Giro di Sicilia.
Targa Florio.
Goodwood Revival.
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti.
Coppa delle Alpi by 1000 Miglia.
Winter Marathon.
Vernasca Silver Flag.
California Mille.
Nürburgring Classic.


The model
Italy is a land of motors, but when you think about it, you usually think to two main areas: the emilian “motor valley” around Modena or the “mo-town” Torino. No one even thinks to Teramo, a town with no “car-minded” tradition, far from everywhere and a 5 hours driving from Roma with a good car, after the war, in late 40s. But this didn’t scared Berardo Taraschi, a racer that decided to build his own race car, right in Teramo. A stubborn man, as the cliché wants the people of Abruzzo, he struggles to find anything, often using the wide availability of war surplus. In 1947 Berardo begins building sports and competition cars under the name Urania, using the flat-twin BMW motorcycle engine.Following some racing success, Taraschi struck a deal with Domenico and Attilio Giannini whereby they would provide him with their own powerful Giannini engines. The contraction of GIAnnini and URania led to a new Italian marque, known as Giaur, and the resulting cars were truly wonderful. In the same period Giaur was also a name of a famous race-winner horse. The car was built with a tubular chassis by Meccanica Taraschi and was fitted with the G1 engine by Giannini. It was a single overhead cam, derived from the Fiat Topolino unit, whereas the later G2 engine had twin overhead cams. The result of this merge was a terribly effective car and brought Taraschi himself and lots of racers to constant victories. Over a 15 year period from 1947 to 1961, Berardo Taraschi built in its workshop, 118 small capacity racing cars, including at least 63 Formula Junior.
The car
Giaur chassis BT-006 has an exceptional racing history and is linked to some of the best known names in motorsport. It was completed in 1950 and sold new to, the now famous, Maria Teresa de Filippis. One of the few women professionally racing, she was the first woman challenging in a F1 race and drove her Giaur to a huge number of races in Italy from 1950 to 1952. The car was powerful for its category but, above all, agile and was favored in the most tortuous races and in uphill races. It is believed that it raced three times the Vermicino - Rocca di Papa for the Coppa Gallenga and among other races two times the Circuito di Collemaggio for the Coppa Cidonio, the Gran Premio di Napoli, the Circuito di Senigallia, the Coppa della Toscana, the Gran Criterium Vetturette. Long is the listing. “Pilotino” (her nickname) left the wheel to her fiancé at the time, the champ Luigi Musso, for the Mille Miglia of 1952. BT-006 went then into the hands of the driver Giuseppe Sapienza that brought it to major southern events like the Giro di Sicilia and the Targa Florio. The car is nowadays still registered with the 1953 black plates that could be seen in the b/w photos of the time. In recent times, around 2009, BT-006 underwent a a total restoration; as evidence of the painstaking work, pieces of the original "skin" have been preserved by the owner and will be delivered with the car. BT-006 is now shown and driven in perfect condition to major historic events, with a standard Fiat engine unit on it, while missing “the Graal”: a rare original Giannini G1 engine. The car was shown at the Museo Mille Miglia, during the “90 anni, 1000 miglia” exhibition. Six pages are dedicated to the car on the “MILLE MIGLIA’S CHASSIS The Ultimate Opus Volume I” book. The car is a perfect example and compendium of the peculiarities of the small and winning sports cars that made Italian motoring legendary in the 50s, between craftsmanship and industry. As a former Mille Miglia racer, the BT-006 is highly eligible for the Mille Miglia re-enactments. 
State of Art
Complete restoration of body, interiors and mechanical parts.
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