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Automotive: Finarte 2020 Selection + 1000 Finarte

da Wednesday 28 October 2020 a Friday 30 October 2020 • Online

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Si ricorda che i risultati elencati in questa pagina sono comprensivi dei diritti d'asta di Finarte ed escluse eventuali tasse e costi applicabili, se non diversamente specificato.

On October 28th at 5 pm CEST (4 pm GMT) we will inaugurate the auction live on Finarte website and on our Youtube channel.

All the lots will be illustrated and, with the communication of the higher absentee-bid received before the sale, the competition will begin. For 48h it will be possible to make bids using the Finarte website, telephones, absentee bid form or one of our partner platforms.
Starting from 5 pm CEST (4 pm GMT) on October 30th, the different lots will be closed in succession and awarded to the higher bidder.

The Department is available to send condition reports or further information for each lot. Interested bidders can now submit absentee bids and register for the auction.

All lots can be inspected live or remotely via video by appointment by contacting the Department.

NOTE: If you plan to register and attend the sale as bidder, we encourage you to register at least two working days before the Sale.

You may register and bid as a telephone, online, or absentee bidder. The registration process is simple and only takes a few minutes. To register, you can either create an account on our website, complete the registration process online and request to partecipate to the auction, or you can contact Client Service for alternate registration options. 

The following items will be required for you to submit your registration:
  • One of the following: Driver's License, Passport Identification, or ID Card
  • If registering as a Company, Proof of Company (Incorporation documents, VAT/Tax Number)
  • If you are a new client we may ask you a proof of funds (or Bank Statement).


Friday 30 October 2020, 5:00 pm - TORNATA UNICA (lotti 1-63)


All lots can be inspected live or remotely via video by appointment by contacting the Department.

Condizioni di Vendita

Con l'attuazione di un'offerta si dichiara di aver preso visione e di accettare le Condizioni Generali di Vendita

Finarte has developed an innovative and effective online format, able to sell various types of vehicles all over the world to collectors, investment funds or newbies ready to enter the world of classic cars.

Following the success of last October’s online auction, also this year the department is preparing for a timed event lasting 15 days, exclusively digital.

Our experts are selecting rare and particular collectible cars of interest, offering specimens as an excellent investment for the future, always keeping in mind the pure passion for cars.

We are now inviting consignments of collectible cars of any era and type, racing and road.  AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES, a company specialized in digital archive, publishing and search for historic cars, supports the Automotive Department in its activity.

The Automotive Department also offers a Private Sales service.

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