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fino a Friday 16 February 2024 • Time auction

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In anticipation of the big auction in March, the Wines & Spirits department is offering a time auction so that our loyal customers will not be left high and dry: a selection of more than 90 lots covering the major Italian regions and many labels, from the best known to niche ones with extremely limited quality productions.

Please note that lots in the time auction will be closed independently starting at 3:00 pm on 16 February at one-minute intervals. Closing times may change depending on bids received: the system will extend the lot closing time by 5 minutes if bids are received in the last 3 minutes.

Condition reports of the lots will not be issued for this auction. However, the department will be available to send pictures of the lots or make an appointment to view the lots.

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The oldest Cantina in Barolo presented in a collection from 1931 to 2014.

This is the extreme synthesis to present the Finarte auction on June 9th, where an extraordinary selection of Barolo Borgogno of over 1,900 bottles will be auctioned, covering the time period 1931-2014 with great completeness: 1931, 1937, 1947, 1952, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1959 and then all the vintages produced without neglecting even one until 2014, with very rare bottles of Barolo Storico Crus and the most recent Crus, which the Farinetti management decided to enhance after the company’s acquisition in 2008.

The bottles, preserved with extreme care, have been viewed one by one by the Borgogno company which guarantees their authenticity and essential conservation requirements.

The collection is offered in lots divided into several large complementary verticals that offer the entire history of 1931-2014, in smaller verticals focused on specific periods and selections of targeted vintages and particular Crus.

The Monographic auction of the Barolo Borgogno 1931-2014 Collection will be preceded by two tasting events dedicated to collectors in Milan and Rome.

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